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About Us

About PTN

The Premier Team Network was founded by a group of professionals that believed in focusing club basketball on what we consider to be the right things.  We are student-athlete focused.  Our core values revolve around: DEVELOPMENT, SCHOLARSHIP and COMMUNITY.

We wanted to be a part of a network of club directors and event operators that shared our vision, and PTN was born.

First, we seek only those who share these values, those who we want to be part of our team.  We want excellence in everything we do.  Events are professionally run.  We want every parent and player to walk away from our events with a positive impression.  Good competition, teamwork-quality basketball, sportsmanship, organized and on time. 

Our club partners share are core values.  We want clubs that focus on development.  Our clubs work with their players year round to improve their basketball skill set and their IQ.  We want to push our players outside of their comfort zone in order to challenge them to be their best.   Our clubs also focus on scholarship.  So many opportunities to play at the next level are tied to the student-athlete's academic success.  We want to assist our players to have the most opportunity to play at the next level.  Finally, community.  We encourage our member clubs to become involved in the community around them.  For our event operators, each is required to take a portion of their proceeds and donate to a youth based non profit. 

We strive to the a partner with the high school and college coaching community.  We fell if we do what we are supposed to do we serve as another influence in the student athlete's life that encourages the work ethic, the attitude and the aptitude to makes for a quality high school and collegiate player. 

We are always looking for partners who share these beliefs.  We work regionally and allow our directors to work together in their region to make PTN the best in can be in their own backyard.  If you are interested in being apart of our network, we would welcome the opportunity to learn about your organization.